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Welcome to glowb

Glowb is your ride or die, your go to girl, your moment of joy and sunshine wrapped in the chaos.

You better believe she has your back.

She's passionate about YOU loving the shit out of yourself, inside and out and you better believe everything she does is about helping you take on the world, raise your voice louder and feel your most confident, loving, badass version of yourself.

Like a big oversized jumper sat next to a roaring fire or rocking a pair of killer heels, glowb owns that women can be whoever the damn well want to be. At any time and in any moment.

She's here to help you, to give you that glow that only confidence from within brings and to see you go out into the world knowing that you are supported to be your best.

A cosmopolitan on a sunset rooftop, a burning hot shower after a long day, a netflix binge when it's grey outside, glowb is the moments that bring inner calm, and a big smile to your face. She's fresh like getting into bed with clean sheets or rocking round in your undies to 90’s hip hop. When you see her, you smile, knowing she is there with you. To help your skin glow, to help you feel your best, to help you shine like every single woman deserves to. Whether sat on your bathroom counter, next to your bed or the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen, she is the reminder to be playful, to be sassy, to be YOU.